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Downtown Columbia SC


Who We Are:

The South Carolina Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (SCPCIGA) is a nonprofit, unincorporated legal entity created in 1971 by the South Carolina Legislature (South Carolina Code of Laws: Title 38, Chapter 31). The purpose of the Association is to provide a safety net for insurance consumers if their insurance company becomes insolvent and is no longer able to meet its obligations.

What We Do:

We step in to pay certain statutorily defined property and casualty claims. Our personnel are trained and developed to deliver fast, fair, and professional claim service. We pay and discharge covered claims through our employees as well as through various service companies called Third Party Administrators.

Benefits Provided:

Covered claims are paid according to policy contract amounts and state-established limits. Subject to policy contract provisions, conditions, deductibles, and limits, as well as those stated in South Carolina Law, Title 38, Chapter 31, the following limits may apply:

  • Property Casualty Claim: Amount of each covered claim in excess of $250.00 and less than $300,000.00
  • Workers' Compensation Claim: Statutory benefits
  • Unearned Premium Claim: The association will pay only that amount which is in excess of $100.00
  • Note: A first party claim cannot be made against the Association by an insured whose net worth exceeds ten million dollars on December 31st of the year next preceding the date of insurer's insolvency. A person having a net worth of greater than twenty-five million dollars and having a claim against an insolvent insurer under any provision in an insurance policy may not make a claim against the Association.