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FedNat Insurance Company Insolvency FAQs

What happened to FedNat Insurance Company (FedNat)?
On September 27,2022, FedNat was ordered liquidated by the Circuit Court in Leon County, Florida. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (Department) is the court appointed Receiver of FedNat. A copy of the Liquidation Order is available on the Department's website,

Impact to South Carolina Policyholders
Prior to liquidation, FedNat entered into an Assumption Reinsurance Agreement with SureChoice Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange ("SureChoice") whereby SureChoice would offer replacement coverage through novation for FedNat policyholders as of July 1, 2022. Policyholders who have accepted the SureChoice novation prior to liquidation; or those who accept novation prior to October 27, 2022, are not affected by the FedNat liquidation.

FedNat policyholders which have not accepted the SureChoice novation will be cancelled on October 27, 2022, at 12:01 am. These policyholders will be subject to the Transition Plan described below.

What is the FedNat to SureChoice Transition Plan?
The Department has entered into a Transition Plan with SureChoice Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange ("SureChoice"), whereby SureChoice will provide replacement insurance coverage to all non-novated South Carolina policyholders. Highlights of the Transition Plan include the following:

  • Under the Transition Plan, as approved by the court, FedNat policies will be canceled on October 27, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. and immediately replaced by SureChoice. There will be no gaps in coverage and the policyholders' coverage and premium policy will be identical before and after the transition.
  • Under the Transition Plan, a letter will be sent to your clients by SureChoice that will clearly explain the transition process.

Should FedNat policyholders get an insurance policy with another company?
Policies have either already transitioned to SureChoice through a novation prior to liquidation; or policyholders may still accept novation prior to October 27, 2022, and therefore are not affected by the FedNat liquidation. If policyholders do not wish to accept the coverage with SureChoice then an insurance agent is best able to advise policyholders as to their insurance options.

What happened to insurance premiums paid to FedNat?
Under the Transition Plan, any unearned premium due back from FedNat will be payable by SureChoice. To ensure continuing coverage under transition policies with SureChoice, future premium payments should be remitted to SureChoice. For questions contact SureChoice directly as follows:

SureChoice Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange
Customer Service: 877-304-4785

What do I need to do if I have an uncashed check from FedNat?
Please do not attempt to negotiate uncashed check(s). FedNat's financial condition has necessitated the freezing of its bank account effective immediately. As a result, DO NOT deposit any FedNat check(s) in your possession. Depositing a check after the freezing of the bank accounts may result in you being assessed fines or penalties by your bank which are not reimbursable.

If your check is for damages regarding a loss claim, your information will be forwarded to the South Carolina Property & Casualty Insurance Association for consideration. If the check is for claims expenses (legal fees, appraisers, adjusters, etc.), the Department will send you a proof of claim form.

If the check is for an unearned premium refund, your information will be forwarded to the Association for consideration.

For assistance with non-cashed checks, you should contact FedNat directly at 1-800-293-2532.

How do I report a new property and casualty claim?

  1. For losses incurred prior to 12:01 a.m. July 1, 2022

    With the entry of the Liquidation Order, the South Carolina Guaranty Association was activated to help pay outstanding claims for FedNat policies.

    Complete the following form that matches the type of loss you are reporting:

    Submit your form:
    Fax Submission: Fax: 850-413-3997

    Online Submission:
    Electronic Submission Instructions - New Claims

    Paper Submission: Mail your submission to the below address. It is recommended that you use certified mail with return receipt to prove delivery of the information.

              Florida Department of Financial Services, Receiver
              325 John Knox Road, Atrium Building, Suite 101
              Tallahassee, FL 32303

    Flood claims: contact: 1-800-759-8656

  2. For losses incurred on or after July 1, 2022

    The South Carolina Guaranty Association will not pay any claims occurring on or after 12:01 a.m. on July 1, 2022, for FedNat policyholders whose policies were assumed/transitioned to SureChoice.

SureChoice Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange - Direct Contact Information:

Customer Service:1-888-346-6907 (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday)

Who do I contact regarding existing FedNat Policies or Claims?
Until further notice, policyholders with questions regarding FedNat should continue to visit the company's website at or contact the company directly as follows:

FedNat Insurance Company - Direct Contact Information:

Underwriting Customer Service: 1-954-308-1200

Claims: 1-800-293-2532

Flood Customer Service: 1-800-219-3102

Flood Claims: 1-800-759-8656


Where can I get more information?
The Florida Department of Financial Services has been appointed Receiver of the liquidation. You may email the receiver at or by calling (800) 882-3054.

You can also visit the website for the Rehabilitation & Liquidation Division of the Florida Division of Financial Services at

How do I contact the South Carolina Property & Casualty Insurance Association?
Contact the South Carolina Guaranty Association at 803-799-1560 and follow the prompts to reach a claims examiner.