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How Can SCPCIGA Help You?

We take care of South Carolina insurance policyholders and claimants when an insurance company fails.


The South Carolina Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (SCPCIGA), created by legislation, handles the claims of insolvent property and casualty insurance companies.

Pursuant to the SCPCIGA Act, we have a duty to settle claims in accordance with the Act, the policy and South Carolina insurance laws, in a timely manner.

SCPCIGA follows the requirements of South Carolina insurance law in its handling of covered claims from insolvent property and casualty insurance companies ordered liquidated by a court of competent jurisdiction.

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NCIGF Guaranty Fund System Primer
(SCPCIGA is proud to be a part of the national property and casualty guaranty fund system that provides an essential safety net to covered policyholders and claimants when a licensed property and casualty insurance company fails. The website of the National Conference of Insurance Guaranty Funds,, has further information regarding this national system. Click the video link above for a quick overview of the guaranty fund system as expained by the NCIGF.)


The failure of an insurance company is administered differently than other business bankruptcies. This is because insurance is regulated by the states and failures are not governed by federal bankruptcy law. When an insurance company becomes insolvent and is unable to pay outstanding claims, a state's courts and the insurance commissioner begin a legal process to determine appropriate action for the company.

View Insolvency Updates
View Insolvency Updates


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